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Faculty & Staff


David Ninan, DO, FAOCA, CPE

Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology
Assistant Residency Program Director
Director o​f Pain Management Services


Alfred Ma, MD, PhD, MBA

Vice-Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology
Anesthesia Residency Program Founder


Brian Keyes, DO

Director of Regional Anesthesia
Director of PACU


Albert Kelly, DO

Director of Crises Management
Director of Obstetrical Anesthesia


Alice Tsao, MD

Director of Educational Services

Telianne Chon, DO

Attending Staff Anesthesiologist
Pediatric Anesthesiology 

Farys Chowdhury, DO

Attending Staff Anesthesiologist


Jeremiah Maloney, DO

Attending Staff Anesthesiologist



Jonathan Tong, MD

Attending Staff Anesthesiologist


Zohreh Steffens, MD

Director of Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Critical Care

Attending Staff Anesthesiologists:

  • Chris Huang, MD, PhD 
  • Nitesh Mody, DO
  • Sergio Go, MD
  • Galust Halajyan, MD - Co-Director of Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Ramiz Fargo, MD - MICU Rotation Faculty 
  • John Agapian, MD - SICU Rotation Faculty
  • Faheem Jukaku, MD - Palliative Medicine Rotation Faculty
  • Rebecca Margolis, DO - Pediatric Anesthesia Faculty, CHLA
  • Samule Yanofsky, MD - Pediatric Anesthesia Faculty, CHLA
  • Yumul Roya, MD, PhD - Cardio-thoracic Anesthesia Faculty,CSMC
  • Charles Louy, MD - Anesthesia Faculty- Pain Specialist, CSMC
  • Michael Nurok, MBChB, PhD - Anesthesia Faculty - Critical Care Specialist, CSMC
  • Yusufali Taizoon, MD - Anesthesia Faculty - Critical Care Specialist, CSMC