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Chris Firek


Chris Firek began his work in the field of research as a volunteer at the Veteran's Administration. It was there that under mentorship from passionate investigators that he developed a genuine interest in playing a role in the furthering of knowledge. It was here that he observed first-hand the positive effects that research can have on a patient population directly, and for others in the future. He joined the Comparative Effectiveness and Clinical Outcomes Research Center (CECORC) at RUHS as he shares the vision and potential for a comprehensive research center, and the opportunity to work with an underserved and understudied population that can benefit greatly from a better understanding of their challenges. 

His project experience ranges from sponsored drug trials in heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia, post-ACS, diabetes, and ulcerative colitis, as well as device trials in heart failure. He has also served as a lead coordinator in funded investigator-initiated projects that targeted improving medication adherence. Putting patient safety first while balancing the diverse requirements of unique and complex projects while maintaining compliance with ethical guidelines is his prevailing ethos. As research continues to move forward and incorporate the technological leaps and bounds that continue to change the world, Chris endeavors to help RUHS continue to grow and establish itself as a key research center in Riverside County.