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Bishoy Zakhary


Bishoy Zakhary is a research specialist in the Comparative Effectiveness and Clinical Outcomes Research Center (CECORC), where he has expanded his bio-statistical skills for the last three years. A graduate with an MPH from Loma Linda University, Bishoy dedicated his studies to Research Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He has extensive experience in data management and statistical analysis. With proficient utilization of Excel, SPSS, and SAS, Bishoy is able to apply his statistical skills in analyzing pilot to large datasets. Such skills include, but are not limited to, univariate analysis using chi-squared, ANOVA, pairwise comparisons hypothesis testing, general linear model, Binomial and Logistic Regression analyses, and Complex sample analyses for large survey data.

In his spare time, Bishoy utilizes his time in expanding his statistical skill set through data camp online courses in SQL and R Programming. Bishoy hopes to continue improving and expanding his skill set while assisting in the increase of research efforts within Riverside University Health a key research center in Riverside County.